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What is Mobility?

Mobility can be a broad term and mean different things to different organizations. It may best be defined as a person whose job is related to working in the field, outside the four walls. These field service and field sales individuals are the face and personality of the organization they represent. The actions they take, the professionalism they display and the quality of work they perform all impact the customer's perception of the company they represent.

Mobility Solutions:

Field Service
Field Sales Retail Hospitality
Route Accounting
Direct Store Delivery
Utilities Police and Fire
Inspections Public Safety

Proof of Delivery


Activities that occur in these remote and mobile environments (outside the four walls) can have such an impact on a field organization. It is important to insure that the field individual has access to the best quality tools and systems available to him/her to provide the best possible service for the remote customer.

Technology plays a large part in providing these field individuals with the tools they need to stay in contact with the corporate office. They are able to obtain valuable information concerning their customers, the products, and how to handle exceptions in the field, as well as new business opportunities. Mobile computers , which have built in WLAN and WWAN radios, enable field service individuals to keep in touch with corporate resources and corporate offices. Corporate offices have timely access to the field force individuals which provide them with the opportunity to change service directives if needed. In addition to the mobile computers , portable mobile printers are used when a receipt or proof of service is required. Being able to setup wireless hotspots when desired for those mobile workers or having a WWAN backup connection to your primary network connection is another segment of the BlueStar Mobility offerings.

How can BlueStar Help You to Become a Mobility Solution Provider?
We at BlueStar, with assistance from our mobility vendors , believe that offering our solution providers with the right tools, solutions, and education we can build a strong foundation for selling and implementing mobility solutions. You can expand your business in growth markets such as Route Accounting , Public Safety , Government , Field Sales, Field Service, Utilities , and others by partnering with certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners and utilizing BlueStar's Fusion marketing services.

With industry experts within BlueStar and those of our mobility vendors and ISVs the BlueStar Mobility Solutions Outside the Four Walls program has the wheels to move us all outside the four walls and into the hands of the field professionals. Since mobility solutions , in most cases, require a partnering approach we have access to best-of-class hardware manufacturers, software developers, professional services, and wireless communication providers to develop a winning combination for all your field mobility opportunities.

  • Hardware Manufacturers : BlueStar can provide a WWAN-GPS capable computer no matter what your customers is requiring:
    • Mobile Handheld Computers
    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets or Laptops
    • Truck mounted computers
  • Software Providers (ISVs) who have worked in this field and have developed applications that provide the features that field mobility require.
  • Professional Services:
    • BlueStar offers integration services to ease the tasks of loading software and preparing the hardware for installation. Our versatility means we can bundle hardware, load software, and more. This results in reducing the time cost needed to complete the project. It simply works out of the box.
    • BlueStar can help and ease the task of commissioning the WWAN devices with the selected wireless communication carriers. You receive 100% of the carrier's commission at the time of purchase. Use it to increase your margin or be more price competitive.

FUSION is a marketing and business development suite of offerings that can aid in the exposure of your company and solution offerings. FUSION will be another tool in the BlueStar Mobility Solutions Outside the Four Walls offerings that will be used to build and gain exposure for the Mobility solutions or other solutions your company will offer. To learn more about the FUSION program click on the FUSION Logo below.

BlueStar only succeeds when you succeed. Simply providing you great lead times and pricing isn't enough. You have our commitment to bring every available resource to you so we can succeed together. We are looking to make Mobility a stationary part of your solution offering portfolio.

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