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BarTender 9.01 Replaces Version 9.0

May 20, 2010

As a reseller of BarTender, we wanted you to know that BarTender 9.01 began shipping on October 1, 2008. This is also available as a free, downloadable service release for all users of BarTender 9.0.

BarTender 9.0 was Seagull Scientifics largest release in more than 10 years and it was certainly their most heavily-tested release ever. Only a few problems were reported from the field during a very large product roll-out and most were minor. Unfortunately, one issue concerned them enough that caution favored them issuing this service release. Please visit Seagull Scientific BarTender 9.0 Service Release web page for a detailed explanation of the main problem that was found:

We recommend that all users of BarTender 9.0 download and install this free update.

Existing Product Key Codes Still Valid

Fortunately, Seagull Scientifics product activation system is nicely set up to facilitate an easy transition of BarTender 9.0 users to version 9.01. You shouldn´t have to do a thing!

As of Monday, September 29th, 2008 at approximately 10:00PM (Pacific Time – USA), Seagull Scientifics activation server was configured to deny activation of BarTender 9.0. Instead, a message displays within each user´s BarTender Installer program directing them to their download page for the service release. (The 16-character Product Key Code included with the customer´s original purchase of BarTender 9.0 is still valid.)

Seagull Scientifics Communication Efforts

The problem with 9.0 was detected while about 85% of their initial roll-out had not yet been installed. These customers will all see Seagull Scientifics update message when they go to activate their existing software.

Of the customers that had already activated BarTender 9.0, approximately half have also already registered their BarTender software, including supplying e-mail addresses. We will transmit a more concise version of this "Service Bulletin" advising these customers of the service release and we will continue to keep a look out for any additional 9.0 registrations that trickle in.

If you have any users that you think may have activated but not yet registered BarTender 9.0, you may wish to forward this information to them. Alternatively, as long as they register, we can advise them of the update for you.

Thank You for Your Help!

We fully realize that many companies do not bother to distribute announcements such as this. That said, we believe that direct communication is always best for our customers in the long run. We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter and we apologize for any possible inconvenience to you or your users.


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