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Datalogic Mobile: Limited and End of Support for several products

May 25, 2010

As technology has progressed, some of the key assemblies for the product lines below have become obsolete and are no longer available. As a result, it has become difficult for Datalogic to maintain our high repair standards at a reasonable price.

Note about Limited Support: When a product has moved to a Limited Support status, parts for sale and repairs are limited to available inventory. Products may be accepted for repair but Datalogic can not guarantee repairs will be completed. Maintenance contracts for the products are no longer available for purchase. Datalogic will continue to maintain all units covered by a Maintenance contract.

Note about End of Support: Effective from the stated date Datalogic Mobile will end support and repair services for all versions of the stated product.


Limited Support status for the Viper DOS (DL9600)
Limited Support: September 30, 2009
Last Service Date: December 31, 2009

Limited Support status for the Rhino DOS”
Limited Support: September 30, 2009
Last Service Date: December 31, 2009

The end of support for the Formula Color Hand Held Mobile Computer
End of Support date: September 30, 2009

The end of support for the DL8600 and Kyman-DOS Rugged Hand Held Mobile Computer
End of Support date: September 30, 2009

Limited Support status for the JET 4.2
Limited Support: October 06, 2009
Last Service Date: March 1, 2010

The End of Support for devices containing Wi-Fi 802.11b Symbol Radio Modules
Motorola has announced the End of Life for their LA-4137 radio. Therefore, Datalogic is no longer able to continue support of devices containing this radio. Customers may elect to convert their existing Datalogic devices to 802.11g by sending their unit in for conversion of the radio module (note, this must be requested at the time of RMA submittal).

End of Support: Effective immediately Wi-Fi 802.11b Symbol Radio Modules are no longer available but may be upgraded to 802.11g. Model Numbers involved include the following:

Part Number Description
942251000 DL-SKORPIO 500-902 WIFI5,MIN+ALP
942251003 DL-SKORPIO 501-902 SH3791
942251009 DL-SKORPIO 501-902 SH4209
942251001 DL-SKORPIO 501-902 WIFI5+BT,MIN+ALP
942301009 DL-SKORPIO-G 500-202 WIFI,LR+ALP SH4264
944501002 KYMAN-NET 500-101 WIFI5,HP+NUM
944501017 KYMAN-NET 500-101 WIFI5,HP+NUM SB3688
944501025 KYMAN-NET 500-102 SB3683
944501004 KYMAN-NET 500-102 WIFI5,HP+ALP
944501018 KYMAN-NET 500-102 WIFI5,HP+ALP SB3688
944501008 KYMAN-NET 501-022 WIFI5+BT,HF2+ALP
944501027 KYMAN-NET 501-101 SH3863
944501003 KYMAN-NET 501-101 WIFI5+BT,HP+NUM
944501005 KYMAN-NET 501-102 WIFI5+BT,HP+ALP
944501009 KYMAN-NET 501-422 WIFI5+BT,MIN+HF2+ALP
944501074 KYMAN-NET 501-601 SH3922
944501015 KYMAN-NET 501-601 WIFI5+BT,XLR+NUM
944501006 KYMAN-NET 501-602 WIFI5+BT,XLR+ALP
944501016 KYMAN-NET 501-701 WIFI5+BT,IMG+NUM
944501007 KYMAN-NET 501-702 WIFI5+BT,IMG+ALP
944501022 KYMAN-NET 511-101 SH3830
944501021 KYMAN-NET 511-102 SH3754
944501012 KYMAN-NET 511-102 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,HP+ALP
944501020 KYMAN-NET 511-601 SB3723
944501019 KYMAN-NET 511-602 SB3723
944501013 KYMAN-NET 511-702 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,IMG+ALP
944101018* BLKJET 500-104 SH3623
944151002* BLKJET 500-104 WIFI5,HP+FNC
944151018* BLKJET 501-001 WIFI5+BT SB3661
944151004* BLKJET 510-104 WIFI5+GPRS,HP+FNC
944151019* BLKJET 511-001 WIFI5+BT-GPRS SB3661
944101003* JET 501-101 WIFI5+BT,HP+NUM
944151000* JET 501-511 SH3470
944101005* JET 501-511 WIFI5+BT,923+HF1+NUM
944101004* JET 501-701 WIFI5+BT,IMG+NUM
944151017* JET 501-701 WIFI5,IMG SH3581
944151001* JET 501-801 SH3471
944101009* JET 511-101 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,HP+NUM
944101011* JET 511-511 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,923+HF1+NUM
944101010* JET 511-701 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,IMG+NUM
944151020 DLBJET 501-024-455 WIFI5+BT, HF2+FNC
944151021 DLBJET 501-104-455 SH3778
944151023 DLBJET 501-104-455 SH3825
944151037 DLBJET 501-104-455 SH3946
944151005 DLBJET 501-104-455 WIFI5+BT, HP+FNC
944151007 DLBJET 501-424-455 WIFI5+BT, MIN+HF2+FNC
944151006 DLBJET 501-704-455 WIFI5+BT, IMG+FNC
944151022 DLBJET 511-104-455 SH3792
944151011 DLBJET 511-104-455 WIFI5+GPRS+BT, HP+FNC
944151013 DLBJET 511-424-455 WIFI5+GPRS+BT,MIN+HF2

Notes: * Can not be upgraded to 802.11g

The following spare parts are no longer available for purchase


Products that are submitted for repair that contain failed Symbol radios will have the radio and firmware upgrade included in the repair price. Devices submitted for repair with functional radios will not be upgraded. Customers requesting a radio upgrade will be charged the intermediate repair price. This option is valid for all product lines except JET 4.2 which doesn’t support the g radio model. Maintenance contracts for these models are no longer available for purchase. Datalogic will continue to maintain all units covered by an Ease of Care Maintenance contract.

Critical Dates
End of Support: October 6, 2009
Last Service Date: Refer to the obsolescence notice concerning the device


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